Chill The Fridge Out

Did you know that the average UK fridge temperature is set too hot? This is bad news for our food, and our planet. Find out how chilled your fridge needs to be, and how to keep things below five degrees.

Make Toast Not Waste

Every day in the UK, 20 million slices of bread are thrown away. That’s more than half a loaf per person, per month. Discover tasty ideas that prove that toast is for life, not just for breakfast.

The A-Z Of Food Storage

Did you know that you can freeze onion? And eggs, too? Read our tips and ideas on how and where to store your ingredients, leftovers and more – keeping it all fresher for longer.

Make The Most Of Your Food

Save your food from the bin with these handy hacks that’ll preserve your food, giving you more time to eat it. See how you can think thrifty, entertain little ones and wrap your head around date labels.

Leftover Recipes

Too much? Too little? It can sometimes be hard to get our cooking quantities just right. Discover the UK’s best leftover recipes with a handy ingredient search tool – just pop in what you’ve got and see what you can rustle up.

Store Chicken The Right Way

Poultry is one of the most wasted foods in the UK. But whether it’s frozen, raw or cooked, you can keep your chicken fresher for longer with these simple preservation hacks and storage tips.